A couple days in the nation’s capital

My cousin Peter treated Cole and me to a trip to Ottawa which is home to Canada’s parliament and some very pretty victorian architecture. Not only did we partake in some super “Canadian” activities such as cross-country skiing, nordic outdoor spas and way too much poutine (Google it), there was a decent amount of snow (well to us anyway) partnered with squealing each morning as we peered out the windows.

We spent most of our time laughing at each other as we attempted cross-country skiing for the first time.
The day begun entering a new province in Quebec to relax in outdoor “Nordic” spas. After a quick photo op to a “frozen” beach before our hands froze, my day ended catching up with the Scarf’s – a wonderful family from my home church in Australia who moved to Ottawa. I led their daughter Emily in our youth ministry. It was such a treat to see them.
My cousin Emily and her fiancée Josh.
Parliament Hill – home of the Parliament of Canada.
Ginger bread houses took us back to our childhood.
My amazing hosts. Peter is actually my cousin, long story short there’s a bit of a gap between when my Aunt had kids and when my dad had Cole and me. Anyway, Peter and Sally looked after us like their own children, they were too sweet to us.