Christmas in my dad’s hometown

My dad was originally from Saint John, New Brunswick – otherwise known as “The Maritimes”. Most of my Canadian family still live here including my Aunt, four first cousins and 10 first cousins once removed (mum would be so proud of me right now). We spent a little over two weeks here, including a short visit to Ottawa which you can see here.

It was really wonderful for both Cole and me to spend time with my dad’s side of the family. We obviously don’t get to see them much so it was quite special to re-connect and also be reminded that we have a whole family here in this new country now called “home”.

View of the Kennebecasis River from my Aunt Judy’s place. That house is where my cousin Gordy lives with his wife Brenda.
Cole and our cousin Mallory in the home where we stayed during our time in Saint John.
Cole and our cousin MacGregor playing pool in the basement/”man cave”/Cole’s bedroom wearing very festive holiday sweaters.
There are a few missing (about eight or so) but this is our Canadian family post the annual bowling gathering.
We couldn’t tie our shoes, so MacGregor took the lead and not only put our shoes on but held our hands while skating on our first outdoor rink. #favecousin
There was a ridiculous amount of presents under the tree. Needless to say our cousins spoiled us again!
Best start to Christmas Day with Cinnamon Buns. I think I’ll make this a tradition of my own…also perhaps a long run on Boxing Day.
Rum in your morning coffee that tastes similar to Bailey’s, why not?
Too much kindness and generosity from our fam.
The gang – Becky, Mallory, me, Cole & MacGregor. Fun fact: I stayed with this fam 8 years ago on my “Gap Year” and was the same age Mallory is now, crazy!
49030039_616666375447908_4514795915621433344_n (1)
I stuffed up and didn’t take any actual pictures of the snow we DID have, so here’s a screenshot from my Instagram Story. This was taken from the kitchen window. 
And this was our “White” Christmas…it was still -20 or so.
My Aunt Judy with her new-ish husband Art, as well as Becky and her boyfriend Pat.
Christmas dinner very much resembles what we have in Australia, despite it being a 40-50 degree temperature difference.