28 mate.

May is my birthday month and this year it looked a little different to the usual.

I turned 28 on May 11, and so did my brother Cole #twins. We definitely shared the cringe factor in realising we are getting closer to our 30’s. That even feels weird to type, eek! Ah well, I know my mother who is reading this (Hi, Mum!), is probably rolling her eyes…

I love birthdays. I love to celebrate others and be celebrated (hehe). I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but for me it’s an apt opportunity to honour someone and make them feel just that teeny bit more special.

I don’t think birthdays are the only avenue in which one should be honoured, but the opportunity to gather friends, eat cake, sing awkward songs and “treat yo self” is definitely something I’m a fan of.

So this year, as my second year celebrating a birthday in Canada (my first was when I was a student 3 years ago – read more here), I wasn’t to sure what it would look like. I’ve been in Canada for 6 months now (crazy!), which feels like both a very long and a very short amount of time. But despite the total flux that’s been the theme of 2019, I was pleasantly reminded of the amazing humans in my world both new friends here in Vancouver and old friends abroad who truly have been the biggest blessing.

Birthday began with my church life group treating myself and my friend Alex (who’s birthday is also in May) to dinner at a burger joint downtown.


Friends from YWAM came round to my place on my birthday eve for snacks, drinks & games. It was even warm enough to sit outside! So thrilled my birthday is now in Spring, one of the many perks of living in the Northern Hemisphere.


Woke up to this stellar breakfast thanks to my wonderful housemate, Betty-Ann.
Cole & I did the Grouse Grind on our actual birthday. If you don’t know what this is, then you’re lucky. The views were amazing at the top but now we know why this is called nature’s stair master!


We had a friend of a friend (classic YWAM) staying with us from Ireland. To thank us he cooked us dinner which then turned into a birthday celebration for me. I even got my own party bag! 


My neighbours, Randy + Rita invited me over for a Mexican feast + Nanaimo Bars (a traditional Canadian dessert) for my birthday – calories don’t count on your birthday right?


In case you were worried, it was a really great birthday. Until next year!