A huge highlight in June was flying to the east coast of Canada to the province of New Brunswick. If you didn’t already know, I’m half Canadian (thanks to my father), and I actually have more family in Canada than in Australia.

My family treated Cole & I to flights so we could go to our cousin Emily’s wedding. This was a huge blessing to be part of this special time, particularly as we’ve never been to a wedding of any of our Canadian relatives, and seeing as we aren’t that far now (well, not Australia far, but still on the other side of Canada), we just couldn’t miss out!

Another super special part of this trip was honouring the 10 year anniversary of my late father. This was incredibly significant and I’m so thankful that we were not only in Canada, but the province he was born in and surrounded by his family.

To top it off, we went to our cousins cottage on July 1 to celebrate Canada Day in true maritimer style! There were lobster rolls, burgers, hotdogs, jet skis (or seadoos), tubing and fireworks!

My time in Canada so far (7 months already!) has been full of so many blessings and sweet surprises.

Stay tuned. x