One of the things I’m hugely thankful for since moving to Vancouver are the people I’ve met here. It astounds me how quickly a community can form & that a long period of time is not always the prerequisite for a close friendship.

I had a pretty fantastic crew in Sydney who I miss dearly (if you’re reading this, I love you & sorry for taking forever to reply to your FB or WhatsApp messages), so I was fairly nervous about starting from scratch & building this in my new home.

YWAM is a pretty close-knit bunch, we operate like a family, it’s great. Most of us aren’t from Vancouver or even Canada. We are all very much in the same boat, having packed up our lives and moved from a different part of the world.

I’m in awe of the people who have come into my life, whether that be for just a couple hours, a day, a few weeks, months – there have been encounters with people that have been nothing short of divine, as I see God in the richness of these short yet deep relationships.

(L-R) Me, Bethan, her boyfriend, Nate, my boyfriend, Peyton and Ainsley (taking the picture). Four nations are represented here, including Australia, UK, Canada & America.
Cindy (fellow YWAMER + neighbour) and I did a free Barre class at Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver. Check out the sweet view of the city!
Sunsets in Vancouver.
We treated ourselves to dinner at a trendy restaurant for both of our birthdays, even though it was 2 months ago. Better late than never!
New Brighton Park – this is my local running spot & is only a 15 min walk from home. Thankful for the mountains & ocean being moments away.
Morning run snap.
I went to a free outdoor cinema in Stanley park and saw “Sleepless in Seattle” with my housemate, Betty-Ann.
I lead this team from a church in Alberta, Canada for our youth program Mission Adventures. We got iced-coffees to celebrate a day of serving at a homeless shelter.
This was another team I led who came from a church with campuses all across Canada! This time we got ice-creams after a week of doing mission work in Vancouver.
I was blessed with a box full of groceries + toiletries, as well as some coffee vouchers this month. The Lord provides friends, He really does.
Another Vancouver sunset, but this time over Sunset Beach.
Pre-fireworks picnicking.
Celebration of Light – each year, Vancouver puts on a fireworks display across 3 nights, with each hosted by a different country. India, Canada & Croatia took part, with this shot captured from the Canada night which in my opinion was the best.
A weekend in Seattle.
The reason I was in Seattle.