Summer is well and truly over.

That may seem a bit dramatic, but my Aussie soul is mourning as we transition from  what felt like a blink of an eye for a summer to what North Americans call fall. I still keep saying autumn but am excited to experience the colours change, the leaves fall and the pumpkins that are apparently in abundance and in desserts too – so funny!

Despite summer being short, it certainly was very sweet. If I could sum it up in one word, I’d say it was incredibly rich.

As you may have gathered from my spamming on social media, my mum was in town and visited my brother and me for 3 weeks! YAY!

This was the highlight of the month and my summer for sure, it was such a blessing for all of us! We had so much fun touring around Vancouver, as well as Whistler and Vancouver Island, getting the much needed quality time together we had been missing.

I also spent 5 days in Winnipeg, Manitoba (which is 3 provinces east) at a YWAM Canada gathering called Rendezvous. This was a great time to connect with bases all over the nation and hear Gods heart for Canada!

Enjoy our vacay snaps and apologies for being a little late with my update this month. I’m sort of sorry not sorry, as I wanted to be present with my family, savouring every bit of time we had together.