This Is Us.

I have a confession.

When writing this blog title my mind immediately went to the TV series I’m currently obsessed with. This Is Us, is an America comedy-drama that I’m in Season 3 of and have spent way to many bus rides down to Seattle watching.

I digress.

So, this is us. This is my team, the people I spend most of my week with, who I worship with every Monday morning, brainstorm social media captions with, interview for blog posts, film for video content, pray with on Thursday’s and eat lunch with everyday.

September was a full month with our staff retreat, two secondary schools graduating and another one commencing. I’m thankful I get to do life with these people. Whether it be for only a season, a check-in once a month, or for 40 hours every week.

All of us have a story. All of us have said “YES” to God & He is using each of us individually and collectively to write an even bigger story! I’m honoured I have a couple pages or maybe even if a chapter in all of this.

So, with that said, say hello to YWAM Vancouver.