Last month was thanksgiving in Canada, and now this month it’s thanksgiving in the USA. I’ve gone from only celebrating this holiday once before nine years ago on my gap year in Canada, to now partaking in multiple festivities across two countries.

So I guess you’d say I’m feeling pretty thankful right now. Well, mostly. I mean life is pretty sweet, but it ain’t perfect (& I’m not sure it ever will be). Anyway, thanksgiving has been a theme for me recently. In my Thursday night Church Life Group we spoke about how thanksgiving can be a powerful weapon as a first response in a crisis. Sounds pretty silly huh? But actually, this is extremely powerful! Responding in the opposite spirit can feel pretty foolish, but I guess this is where our faith muscle is truly strengthened.

I encourage you to give it a go friends!

To help you kick things off, here’s a glimpse at my list at the moment. I’ve prepared ten things, in no particular order that are ringing true to the smile on my face right now and gladness in my heart. Also, enjoy some snaps from October!

  1. So many Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, text and email notifications. Sounds stressful for some, which it can be for me too, but these little red dots have been a constant reminder of all the people in my world (literally all over the world), cheering me on and supporting me.. I am in awe of the people who intentionally stay connected and updated with my movements with YWAM.
  2. I get to love on people in the city for my job. To be totally honest, I get a bit restless sitting behind a desk all day, so it’s such a blessing not only to step outside but practically do ministry work with some pretty incredible local organisations. This month I served with Whole Way House.
  3. My housemate really loves baking, which of course I benefit from 🙂 Apple pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie (she helped me make pastry from scratch!) and probably something else pumpkin related…oh yes, muffins – were in abundance this month.
  4. I didn’t have many weekends at home the last couple months, eight consecutive to be exact were spent away. Yes, this was tiring, but also so life giving. I love exploring so it was such a blessing to me to discover new places, return to old and feed my soul. Whether it was a work conference, house-sitting in another home in Van, my usual bi-monthly trip to Seattle or being treated with a free cabin in Whistler – I was blessed.
  5. The colour of the trees right now is insane! I LOVE living on the Pacific North West and getting to see the fall colours change in the trees, the mountains start to be covered in snow and pink sunsets over the ocean never get old!
  6. Friendships in my Church life Group are deepening! From socials in addition to our weekly catch-ups, friends to sit with at Church (finally!) and a few of us headed down to Seattle this weekend, I’m thankful for this community.
  7. Two books I’m reading right now are slapping me in the face in the best kind of way! Garden City (I’ve been chewing on this for a while but I’m enjoying taking me time) & Beginner’s Pluck (a hilarious and inspiring read that’s got me dreaming again).
  8. Right now three close friends of mine are engaged and one is pregnant! Such a fun season of life for my girl gang right now. 
  9. My Blundstones have been a lifesaver in the cold, wet + some snow (this was tested on a recent hike in Washington) that will soon be a daily occurrence. These were purchased with a gift card and boy does this gift keep giving!
  10. Last but not least, I can’t be more thankful for anything but Jesus. Predictable move I guess to end on this note, but really, nothing above would have been possible without Him, or even any story on this blog for that matter! So thank you Jesus, for continually being so faithful that my thanksgiving list will never reach its limit.