One year.

One year.

It’s been one whole year (well, just over) since I left Australia and moved to a much colder Commonwealth nation.

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen a similar reflection on the year that’s been.

2019 has been nothing like I expected.

Before leaving Aus I had expectations, dreams, prayers, as well as deep fears, insecurities & doubts. Up-rooting my life, my deep roots in family, friends & church, was particularly hard. The thought of re-creating this in another city, another country, another culture was quite daunting.

In addition to this was the up-hill battle in my faith of trusting God with my call to serve with YWAM Vancouver. This was a humbling experience, oh boy! Relying on God and others for financial provision was definitely a kick to my pride. But more than this was the incredibly faith stretching season where I continually asked myself the question, “how much do I really trust God?”.

It can be easy to say we trust God, that we will obey Him and say yes to whatever He will ask of us, but what about when we haven’t received what’s promised yet, and still go anyway?

2019, you refined me in many ways.

My character.

My desires.

My plans.

My rights.

My dreams.

But most importantly…

My faith.

As I look forward to next year, I’m expectant that 2020 will be nothing short of God’s incredibly rich + abundant goodness.

Wherever He calls is the best place to be.

On another note, enjoy some snaps from one of my favourite days in November when Peyton & I went on a hike to admire Mount Rainier in Washington, USA.