Snow day.

If you know me well, you know I’m not naturally very good at sports. I mean, I like to exercise & really value good health, but my area of expertise is more on the gym floor, in a class & running around my neighbourhood (I actually completed a half marathon in 2018!)

My point is, Vancouver is very well known for its outdoorsy-ness, something I’m very thankful for about this city. The warmer months call for beach volleyball, lakeside stand up paddle boarding & kayaking. The winter is all about the local mountains where you take advantage of the fresh pow by riding & shredding the gnar – I’m really trying my best at this snowboard lingo…

Having never snowboarded before & my first experience of skiing being 12 years ago in Australia in what more closely resembled a slushy frozen Coke, I wasn’t too confident in my ability to just “pick it up”. To add to this, unfortunately the winter activities here aren’t cheap & a bit tricky on a missionary budget. The dollars required for a couple lessons (yes, I’d need these), pass, gear etc. seemed all a bit daunting.

So, I opted for something a little more low key, but still a new venture that took advantage of the majestic mountains in North & West Vancouver. I couldn’t go another winter not having visited these beauties!

On one of the first clear days in months, I went snowshoeing on what they call a “bluebird” day – blue skies, sun shining, fresh powder and warm enough to remove your outer layer. It was perfect!

As Peyton joined our Snowboarders + Skiers Discipleship Training School, I hit the trail to Dog Mountain with my friend/co-worker/neighbour, Cindy. What was the cherry on top for all of this is it didn’t cost me a single cent. A friend drove us up to the mountain, I borrowed Snowshoes, brought our own food and the trail was free too! What a good day & how cool that God even takes care of my desire to experience a new winter activity in Canada.

He is SO good!