On hold.

I don’t know about you, but right now it kind of feels like everything is on hold;

my friends wedding,

my mums flights from Australia,

the Canadian Revenue Agency,

the US/Canadian border,

the supply of toilet paper at my local grocery store…

Today is day 16 of working from home for me, and I’m very much overdue on my monthly blog updates. I guess you could say I’m on hold too.

As I’ve had more time to linger in my morning devotions, I’ve been challenged with how we continue to be obedient to Gods purposes for our lives, even while we are stuck at home.

For me, I’ve reflected on how I remain missional in this time of isolation. At YWAM Vancouver all of our schools, programs and mission trips have been cancelled, with every student across the world sent home.

However COVID-19 has impacted you, we are all very much at a stand still.

But despite all this, what I keep feeling the Lord is reminding me is, He is not on hold.

He is not delayed, postponed or cancelled.

For me, God has been a constant in this time of uncertainty, which has brought an incredible amount of peace and comfort.

The Great Commission is not on hold because of coronavirus.

God has a purpose for this time, for you, for me and for the world.

 Amos 5:6 says, “Seek the Lord and live.”

This is my prayer for all, that we’d seek the Lord (as we have more time up our sleeves or potentially less), at such a time as this and find life in Him!

For He is the way, the truth and the life!

Enjoy some snaps from two weekend day trips taken before the strict measures to stay home. The first trip was at Golden Ears Provincial Park and the other in Whistler on a frozen lake. Something I am thankful for in this season is more time to sabbath, and being out in nature is how I do that best. Although for now, I’m learning how to rest better at home