Border date.

So, as some of you probably already saw the other day on either Facebook or Instagram, Peyton and I had a date.

In normal life, this wouldn’t be that significant or worthy of a blog post, but in our current situation, this was particularly noteworthy for us.

On March 21, Trump and Trudeau announced a 30 day ban for non essential travel  between the Canadian and US border. Thankfully Peyton had already entered Vancouver the weekend prior so he was able to stay. But after spending two weeks here, he eventually had to return to Seattle because of work.

When the time came for the travel ban to be lifted, our suspicions came true and the border remained closed for an additional 30 days.

As you can imagine this was super disappointing, but not a total surprise. As much as we wanted to be able to see each other, we understood keeping the border closed would continue to help limit the spread of the Coronavirus, which of course was a bigger priority (although, I will admit I cried a little hearing the news).

As we faced the reality of not seeing each other for another month, we decided to take a leaf out of one of our friends books who has also been doing border dates with her fiancé – they even made the news!

I didn’t know this until recently, but there is a road called Zero Avenue where it is Canada on one side and USA on the other. Seems obvious, since we share a border almost the length of both our countries. Even after probably 50 trips between us going from Vancouver to Seattle, and vice versa in the last year, it had never really dawned on us.

So last Saturday we finally did it, and boy was it a huge blessing – and not just for us! To our surprise as we drove along the road to the suggested spot, we saw families, friends and multiple couples gathering on either side of the border. Some were having picnics, playing games, skateboarding, with camping chairs, blankets, snacks and even their dogs making the time together special in their own way.

Although this all may sound a bit romantic (and that it was),  I do understand how hard it may be for those who don’t have the luxury to drive 1-2 hours to a border crossing to see their loved ones. Majority of my friends and family are back in Australia, and recently my mums flights to Vancouver in June were cancelled. I also was hoping to visit Australia end of this year to attend three of my friends weddings, and am facing the hard reality that those plans may no longer be possible.

With all that said, I’m sharing this story as it has been one of the highlights for me this past month. It can be hard right now to see a lot of good but I left Zero Avenue last Saturday full of hope. Yes, it could have been the emotional butterflies of seeing my boyfriend, but I believe it was more than my feelings.

I was reminded of the hope we have in Jesus.

I’m going to end with some words I heard in a devotional I listened to earlier this week –

“We have an opportunity to rest in God as an act of trust in God.”

Choose to trust and hope in Him friends.

Peace xoxo*

*(kisses + hugs as soon as they are allowed)