I’m engaged.

On Sunday July 19, at 5:30PM, Peyton asked me to marry him.

And of course, I said YES!

I’m going to start from the beginning of this fun little story to provide more details for y’all (yes, I’m already embracing my Texan side now!).

As most of you know, Peyton and I have been separated due to COVID-19 closing the USA/Canadian border since March 21. Since then we had only seen each other fives times, two of which were a Border Date where we couldn’t even touch or share food. The other three times were at Peace Arch Park, before they closed it again.

After seeing a couple close friends successfully fly to see their loved ones and joining a Facebook Group where we heard of countless stories of others also crossing by air, I booked flights and flew to Seattle on July 11.

Being apart for 108 days was tough for Peyton and me, so once we were finally reunited we treated ourselves to a little road trip vacay to Oregon. I had never been to this US State before and Peyton wanted to show me a few of his favourite places. Little did I know, that he had planned to propose at the end of this trip on the Oregon Coast.

Last week Peyton and I covered a lot of miles (again, adapting more to the US and am using imperial now), we went to Portland, camped near Hood River, visited a vineyard overlooking Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams, stayed in a Getaway Cabin, explored Bend, hiked Smith Rock, and then ended the trip camping at Cannon Beach.

I have to confess, this wasn’t a total surprise. I mean, the location and exact day was, but Peyton and I had talked about engagement fairly early on in our relationship. We wanted to wait until we had dated at least a year, so June/July was the time we had always been aiming for. But with the border closing, this did complicate things and made me wonder what our proposal would look like.

But, my man had a plan.

A couple weeks prior to my flight to Seattle, Peyton called my mum and twin brother to ask their permission and share how he wanted to pop the question- I actually spoke to them the same day too actually (I cried so much when I found out everyone had kept this a secret)!

My ring also arrived a week or so before I came. Peyton had sent about 85 emails between him and the lovely ladies at Evorden, to make sure my custom ring had an Australian Sapphire with Canadian Diamonds – a perfect ring for me as Sapphires are special in my family and I’m half Aussie/Canadian.

I had always wanted to go to Oregon and visit Portland as well as see the coast. So after suggesting we take a few days off to catch up on lost time together, Peyton had actually planned the trip around when our photographer was free, but also wanted to ask early on in my visit so we could enjoy this season of engagement together rather than apart – so sweet!

Peyton and I also really love the beach, the ocean is our happy place. A couple months ago Peyton had visited Cannon Beach and found a look-out spot which he absolutely adored, and just knew was the place he wanted to propose!

On Sunday morning Peyton suggested we wear something nice to end our road trip together (this was obviously for the photoshoot!). I kind of suspected it may happen on this trip and maybe this day as time went by (I was of course looking for clues), but I wasn’t certain. We started the day with coffee, got brunch with mimosas (early celebration?), walked along the beach and saw Haystack Rock for the first time and then attempted to drive to Cape Kiwanda, but there was an accident so we had to turn around. Peyton had briefly mentioned earlier that he wanted to do a little hike to a lookout later in the day, but I had forgotten. As the day started drawing to an end, he suggested we should now go there. This was it people!

Now this hike wasn’t exactly what I expected. You’ll see in the photos below I was wearing a dress and sandals, not ideal hiking attire! But, of course it was all worth it! What I loved about this spot was it was really hidden with no people around. We walked to the end of the beach and then entered a dirt trail, winding through bushes with flowers and a few thorns (don’t worry no scratches) that reached to our waist. There was a view point we paused at before the final destination which was actually where our photographer was hiding – unbeknownst to me!

Once we got to the very end of Chapman Point, Peyton turned me around and asked me to marry him! As soon as he started speaking I could hear the nerves in his voice and see the tears welling up in his eyes. I knew what was about to happen and we both started to cry. We were so overwhelmed that he grabbed the wrong hand and even forgot to take a knee at first (I didn’t even notice) – I kinda love how clumsy it was, it was actually pretty perfect for us. Peyton then pointed out our photographer who waved from the first view-point and I became even more overwhelmed with how thoughtful the whole thing was!

With that all said folks, Peyton and I are engaged and we couldn’t be happier!

Thank you again to everyone for your kind words and love. We are currently both on cloud-9 and can’t wait to begin planning our wedding!

Above all, we thank and praise God for bringing a Texan and Aussie together, both of whom moved from their respective homes to Vancouver and Seattle around the same time and somehow met through a dating app. Only Jesus…

Photography thanks to our dear friend Alyssa who is part of Peyton’s church in Seattle. She was an absolute legend and scaled a cliff with her camera gear and perched herself on a ledge in order to capture our sweet moment. 100% recommend her!